Ministry of Post and Telecommunications: Second edition of the national competition for developing software and mobile applications for the benefit of people with special needs.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications announced today, Saturday the launch of the second edition of the National Competition for the Development of Mobile Phone Software and Applications for People with Special Needs for the year 2022 under the slogan “Development of mobile phone software and applications to deal with sign language for people with hearing disabilities.”

According the ministry statement, this event coincides with commemorating the International Day of People with Special Needs; the completion is open to all innovators and developers, representatives of small and medium companies, start-ups and associations, as well as for the benefit of individuals, until the date of April 28, 2022.

The competition topics are on applications for translation and simultaneous interpretation of sign language, converting it into text, converting text into a sign language that people with hearing disabilities understand, converting sign language into spoken voice and spoken audio, in addition to the topic of various educational applications that contribute to teaching sign language.

The same source pointed out that this year’s edition of the competition aims to “contribute” to facilitating the teaching and learning of sign language, strengthening the linguistic identity of the deaf, to raising awareness on the importance of this language for people with hearing disabilities, as well as strengthening their integration into the information society.

The organizers also seek to “support” innovations in the field of information and communication technologies and “encourage” project holders in the field of sign language software as a communication tool and means of communication for persons with hearing disabilities.

On this basis, the best project is selected by a specialized committee to come up with effective practical solutions capable of meeting the requirements of people with special needs. The competition winner will be announced on the occasion of the celebration of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on 17 May 2022.

Participation in the competition, as well as the submission of projects, is carried out in accordance with the competition rules available on the official website of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, which allows candidates to inquire and request clarifications via e-mail to ( or by calling directly the phone number: +213 (0) 21748059 .

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