Ministry of Public Works: Re-launching the project to complete the entrances to tourist expansion area of Sidi Fredj and Palm Beach

The project to complete the works of the entrances to the tourist expansion area of ​​Sidi Fredj and Palm Beach, which has been suspended since May 2019, was re-launched yesterday, Thursday, in order to reduce traffic congestion in Algiers, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Public Works.

This project, which was commissioned by a complex of two public companies (the Central Public Works Company and the National Corporation for Major Technical Enterprises), with the follow-up and control of the Public Studies Office, as well as the National Laboratory of Public Works, aims to reduce traffic congestion on the western side of the capital, the same source adds.

This project will also facilitate the movement of citizens and reduce pressure on the Southern Ring Road, which includes nine (09) technical facilities and underground tunnels, in addition to 15 km of roads.

During this visit, the Secretary-General of the Ministry stressed the need to adhere to the contractual deadlines for the project and to provide the workshops with the necessary manpower and equipment to ensure that they work in groups throughout the day, without causing obstruction to traffic.

The studies office called on “to ensure respect for the quality of the works and the close monitoring of the project, as well as the permanent and continuous follow-up of the workshops by the Directorate of Public Works of the wilaya of Algiers,” according to the press release.

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