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Ministry of the Pharmaceutical Industry: 50 million in exports of medicines and pharmaceutical products by 2022

The Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry expects to export 50 million euros worth of medicines and pharmaceutical products in 2022, said the minister of the sector, Abderrahmane Djamel Lotfi Benbahmed.

“We already had forward-looking import programmes, now we have put in place a forward-looking export programme. We have had promises for 50 million euros of exports for 2022. I hope we will go further,” Banbahmed told the National television EPTV on Wednesday evening.

He nevertheless stressed that the export of medicines is a “rather complex matter” and that it is also a matter of “in-depth work” already begun, in particular through the establishment of a regulatory system to support Algerian operators.

The Minister pointed out, in this regard, that exporting includes, among other things, inter-sectoral issues related to the Ministries of Trade and Finance, hence the setting up of joint committees.

“This device will allow, at the same time, to industrially transfer pharmaceutical products and to plan exports for local operators as well as for multinational companies,” explained Mr Benbahmed.

Furthermore, the Minister stated that the local integration rate has reached 62% in 2021, estimating that this rate “will reach or even exceed 70% in 2022”.

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