Ministry of Trade: plan to remove wholesale markets away from urban areas

The Ministry of Trade, in cooperation with local authorities, is moving towards implementing a new policy to organize markets through a program to implement national organized wholesale markets and establish specialized regional markets, aiming to remove all wholesale markets from urban areas, according to Trade Minister Kamel Rezig.

In an interview with the Algerian News Agency, the minister explained that these markets will be completed within two years or more, by local authorities, and also by private individuals, whose regulation will be supervised by the Ministry of Trade, to turn into “specialized wholesale markets with international standards that facilitate dealers’ activities.”

The ministry is currently pursuing the project of implementing 5 regional wholesale markets, the first of which was launched in the province of Ouargla by  the company of establishment and management of wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits “Magro”, the second in the province of Bechar and the third, which has an advanced rate of completion, in Tiaret in cooperation with the province.

Rezig explained that the removal of wholesale markets from urban areas will be embodied by “establishing modern markets that have direct connection to the highway network, hotels, restaurants, service centers, mosques, police stations and specialized guard agencies contracted by the company “Magro”.

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