Ministry of Youth and Sports launches a national caravan to select young talents across all municipalities of the country

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will launch, as from tomorrow, Wednesday, a national caravan to search for young sports talents across the entire 1541 municipalities of the country, in order to choose the best of them and present them to the national sports federations to strengthen the national teams, according to a statement of the Ministry issued on Tuesday.

The ministry’s statement indicated that this operation, which will last until October 26, will concern the age group between 10 and 17 years, males and females, educated and uneducated, and structured and unstructured in sports associations and clubs.

The statement added that the competition for selection will be in a group of individual and team sports (football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, judo, wrestling, boxing), in addition to athletics for the children’s category, including running, throwing and jumping, under the supervision of experts and technicians in all the relevant disciplines, while giving the persons with disability a full opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities.

The selection process is carried out locally (municipality, district, province), then regionally according to a pre-prepared geographical division, according to the ministry, which clarified that “the final selection of young sports talents will take place through a national gathering attended by all the actors and partners in this sports field.”

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