Ministry of Youth and Sports: Postponing all youth demonstrations and sports competitions due to Coronavirus

The country’s higher authorities decided to prevent the organization of all kinds of youth gatherings and to postpone all sports competitions, at the national level, until later notice, starting today, Tuesday, as a precautionary measure to prevent the emerging coronavirus, according to a statement of the Ministry of Youth and Sports yesterday evening, Monday.

The ministry wrote in its statement: “In implementation of the provisions of the Prime Minister’s Instruction No. 30 of January 20, 2022, and in view of the epidemiological situation in our country with a significant increase in the number of infections with the Covid-19 virus, I have the honor to inform you that it is forbidden to organize all gatherings and all youth demonstrations.  And sports competitions that attract a large number of audiences have been postponed to a later notice.

Many sports federations, such as the Football, Basketball, Swimming and Handball Federation, had decided to postpone all their competitions, which were scheduled for the weekend and at all levels, indefinitely.

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