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Mohamed Charfi: Percentage of women in new National People’s Assembly reached 8.35 percent

The percentage of female component in the new formation of the new National People’s Assembly reached 8.35 percent, or 34 women out of 407 seats, according to the provisional results announced Tuesday by the head of the Independent National Authority for Elections, Mohamed Charfi.

Mr. Charfi indicated that this new formation will include 373 male representatives, representing 91.65 percent, noting that 140 MPs are under 40 (34.04 percent), while the number of MPs over 40 years old is 267 (65.60 percent).

The head of the authority added that the number of deputies with university level reached 305, or 74.94 percent.

It is worth noting that, 8,305 women ran for this election both from political parties and independent lists.

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