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More than 23,500 citizens vaccinated against COVID-19 in the province of Chlef

The services of the Directorate of Health and Population in Chlef, within the framework of the national vaccination campaign against the Covid-19 epidemic, which started last week, have registered more than 23,500 citizens, as stated by the authority today.

As part of the campaign, the various vaccination points and medical staff of hospital institutions were transferred to the open spaces that attracted citizens strongly.

The Directorate of Health and Population also received, according to the same source, last Wednesday, a new share of the vaccine estimated at 58,000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine, in addition to 43,000 doses of the same vaccine and 20,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which it received prior to the launch of the vaccination campaign.

It is reported that more than thirty private pharmacists, distributed across the state territory, and some private clinics are also participating in the vaccination process, and this is in support of the efforts deployed to confront the Coronavirus epidemic.

In a related context, the Directorate of Health and Population is working in coordination with a significant number of civil society associations to raise awareness on the importance of taking the vaccine and vaccinating the largest number of the population, in order to achieve collective immunity and limit the spread of this epidemic.

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