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Moroccan Human Rights Committee: The human rights situation in Morocco has reached alarming levels

The Human Rights Committee of the Moroccans of the World in North America considered that the human rights situation in Morocco is “worrying” and “reached alarming levels”, denouncing the restriction of individual and collective rights, and the deterioration of the conditions of political detainees.

In a statement carried by Moroccan news sites, the Human Rights Committee pointed out “the deterioration of the conditions of political detainees and prisoners of conscience, including human rights activists, journalists and bloggers.

It denounced the use of the health pandemic conditions to restrict individual and collective rights, especially those related to demanding economic, social and political rights.

The committee took note of the quelling of peaceful demonstrations in a “brutal form”, and “the abuse on the symbols of the progressive and human rights movement as it was the case with the militant professor Abderrahmane Ben Amro in the protest movement “ Land Day and Resistance to Normalization ”, referring to the quelling and arrest of dozens of professors in protests calling for legitimate rights and defending the public school.

The committee stressed what it called “the exploitation of public media and media platforms for defamation, terrorizing citizens, political opponents and civilians, and creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.”

In the face of these conditions, which it described as “miserable” and “which do not bode well,” the Human Rights Committee called on the Moroccan state to respect international conventions for the protection of human rights, to release all political detainees and prisoners of conscience, and to release journalists and bloggers who are sued for “cooked-up and fabricated” cases.

The committee called for a “serious and responsible” discussion with trade unions and professional organizations to meet their urgent demands, “and to pursue and prosecute those responsible for quelling peaceful demonstrations and ptotests.

The statement condemned “all the increasing forms of oppression and intimidation,” expressing the “unconditional” solidarity with the victims of daily abuse, and demanded the creation of “a political, social and economic breakthrough in a bid to achieve a true and just democratic society.”

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