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Moroccan Observatory against Normalization warns the Makhzen against clashing with the people

The head of the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization, Ahmed Ouihmane, warned the Makhzen regime against clashing with the Moroccan people as it continued to rush towards normalization with the Zionist entity, against the will of the Moroccans, stressing that “the supreme interest of the kingdom requires the speedy expulsion of the Zionists.”

The head of the obsevatory said in statements to the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen channel: “The opponents of normalization in Morocco, with all their sects and coalitions, have been avoiding falling into the Zionist trap and colliding with the regime for two years, since the establishment of normalization, but if normalization continues and the collision is imposed on us, then only the official side bears responsibility.”

He added: “We condemn and demand a retreat from normalization and the closure of the Zionist liaison office, but if the official side continues to lie down and trot, we firmly affirm that we will not accept it and we will work to bring it down,” stressing that “all the justifications provided by the Makhzen cannot deceive Moroccans”.

In this context, he stressed that the anti-normalization vigils in more than 35 Moroccan cities, on the second anniversary of the demarcation of the Makhzen’s relations with the Zionist entity, is a message to everyone to reaffirm the popular rejection of normalization, because it is “a betrayal of the Palestinian cause, which Moroccans consider a national cause.”

He also warned that normalization “is being imposed in Morocco by tyranny and oppression, and this is what the Moroccan people cannot accept and will continue their struggle until it overthrows it and closes the office of the occupying Zionist entity, because the Zionist entity is the enemy of the Moroccan people, the enemy of the entire nation, and the enemy of all the free people of the world (…)” .

When he appeared as a guest on the London-based “Al-Hiwar” channel, Ahmed Ouihmane said that the normalization of the Makhzen with the Zionists is “a gamble and a pledge of national sovereignty, and only the official side bears the responsibility for continuing to submit to the dictates of the entity (…)”, stressing that normalization is “a real danger to stability and security.” The unity of Morocco, land and people, and the national interest requires the speedy cancellation of all agreements with the terrorist entity and the closure of the Zionist liaison office.

The day before yesterday, Saturday, more than 35 Moroccan cities rose up against normalization with the occupied Zionist entity, under the slogan “All of us are with Palestine and to protect our country from normalization with the Zionist entity” as part of the activities of the eighth protest day, which The Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Against Normalization called for, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the ill-fated normalization agreement between the Moroccan regime and the Zionist entity.

The demonstrators, who carried Palestinian flags and banners of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, chanted slogans such as “Down with normalization,” “O normalizer, O coward, we are not offended,” “The people want to bring down normalization,” “Standing, steadfast, rejecting normalization,” and “Trust Palestine and normalization is treason.”

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