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Moroccan occupation raids Sahrawi militant Sultana Khaya family home

Moroccan occupation forces stormed the home of the family of Sahrawi activist Sultana Sidabraham Khaya, who has been under siege for more than five months, and attacked others in the central hospital in Boujdour (Occupied Saharan Territory).

Many videos circulated on social media, relayed today, Monday, by Sahrawi Media reports, that the brutal raid was supervised by the executioner Abdelhakim Amer, known as the head of the security zone of the city of Boujdour, with his deputy, the executioner, Muhammed Madi, in addition to the commander of the second district and the various security teams in civilian and official uniform.

In a related context, the militant Zainab Mbarek Babi, was beaten and violated inside the central hospital in the city, along with some other female activists, by police in civilian clothes.

According to what the circulating video clips showed, the Sahrawi activist Zainab Mbarek Babi and a group of Sahrawi women activists were brutally assaulted, while they paid a visit to the home of their activist companion Sultana Khaya before they were prevented from access and beaten.

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