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Morocco: a national strike by coordination of employees of the Education Ministry who are off salary scale

The “National Coordination of the employees of the Education Ministry who are off salary scale” in Morocco announced it resumed protest, through a national strike on June 6 and 7, denouncing what it described as “procrastinating, misleading and ignoring” the processing of their file.

The strike will be “accompanied by a protest march in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, towards Parliament, and a sit-in in front of it,” the Coordination revealed.

The professors who are off salary scale are also preparing, on the night of June 6 and 7, to sleep in front of the Human Resources Department in Rabat.

The coordination called on the Moroccan Ministry of Education to “issue an exceptional amendment decree, and immediately promote primary, secondary and preparatory education teachers, educational assistants, and economic and administration personnel, off-scale, with a retroactive effect, similar to other sectors of the public service.”

For its part, the National League of Education in Morocco (Democratic Orientation) called for the organization of a regional convoy from Agadir to the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of National Education, Primary Education and Sports in Tiznit next Sunday, in protest against the dire conditions in the sector.

For their part, the education inspectors in Morocco “categorically rejected any basic system at a critical and delicate juncture, which is prepared in closed rooms with the aim of achieving the interests of certain parties, and in response to narrow factional disputes, and far from transparency and clarity with education workers who are primarily concerned with this system, which will deal a blow to the sector for many years.”

In a statement in this regard, the Education Inspectors deplored “the circumstances that accompany the preparation of the statute, which are characterized by ambiguity and the lack of transparency,”

The statement called on members of the National Council of the union to attend the critical meeting to be held today, Saturday, in (Sale), to complete the work of the first session of the Council in order to discuss developments in the file of the articles of association of the Ministry’s employees, “for the purpose of taking appropriate struggle decisions and positions.”

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