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Morocco: A union warns about the dangerous situation after an 80% average increase in the products’ prices

The National Labor Union in Morocco has warned about the deterioration of the economic and social conditions that Moroccans are experiencing today, including the working class, after the prices of various products rose by an average of 80%, as well as the deterioration of the living standard during the second quarter of this year, in addition to the depletion of Household savings and higher borrowing rates.

A statement read out by the Deputy Secretary-General of the National Labor Union in Morocco, Abdelilah Dahmane, during a press conference, the Moroccan union stressed that the current situation “ushers in a crisis in the future,” and therefore, the spokesman added, “The union warns about the danger of keeping the situation is as it is, and calls on the government to find solutions to the current economic and social crisis.”

In this context, the Moroccan trade unionist stated that the union will organize a sit-in on October 23 in front of Parliament, which “is a national warning sit-in for union officials of the fields and sectors, and will also organize other struggle activities, not necessarily protest, such as sensitivity and communication seminars and meetings.

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