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Morocco: Action Group for Palestine organizes a popular anti-normalization sit-in this Sunday

The Moroccan Action Group for Palestine announced the organization of a popular sit-in, Sunday, in front of the parliament headquarters in the capital, Rabat, in solidarity with the Palestinian people and confronting the agendas of Zionist penetration in the region.

The group said in a statement, posted on Saturday, that the popular sit-in that will be organized under the slogan “With the resistance .. against normalization with the Zionists” comes on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, and within the framework of the continuous popular mobilization in support of their struggle under the slogan “The Moroccan people: Palestine is a national issue.”

The sin-it, added the same source, “confirms the established historical positions in confronting the Zionist occupation and all its tools, and confronting the Zionist intrusion agendas to sabotage the region.”

The Action Group for Palestine will also organize, tomorrow  a press conference to shed light on the latest developments of normalization in the Kingdom and its dangers, especially after the political, diplomatic and commercial agreements between the Makhzen regime and the Zionist entity have developed into a military normalization targeting the stability of the Kingdom and the entire region. The symposium will also emphasize “the adherence of the Moroccan people to the support of the Palestinian people and the overthrow of all forms of normalization.”

Morocco is hosting a large protest movement to denounce the visit of the Minister of War of the Zionist entity to Rabat, last Wednesday, and the signing of a security cooperation agreement between the Makhzen and the entity “that would create official channels between the intelligence and security services” for the two parties, nearly a year after the normalization of their relations.

In conjunction with the visit of the Minister of the Zionist entity to Rabat, the Moroccan security forces suppressed a sit-in against the visit of the war criminal “Benny Gantz” to Morocco, in front of the parliament, which was called out by the Moroccan Front in support of Palestine and against normalization.

The protest was subjected to prevention, siege and dispersal using force, amid the participation of human rights defenders and supporters of the Palestinian cause and the presence of the media, under a heavy security siege.

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