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Morocco: Continued violations of children’s rights

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights said that the Kingdom is still far from complying national legislation with the provisions and requirements of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which it has ratified.

On the occasion of International Child Rights Day, which coincides with November 20 of each year, the largest Moroccan human rights association called for appropriate measures to be taken to prevent and protect all forms of violence against children, including physical, psychological and sexual violence, torture, domestic violence, neglect, and ill-treatment in detention centers in addition to social welfare, and establishing effective mechanisms to investigate cases of torture and other forms of violence against children.

In this context, the association affirmed the registration of “many violations affecting the rights of children” who are classified as vulnerable social groups, stressing that the Moroccan child is exposed to various forms of violence, especially those related to sexual assault, in addition to problems related to the basic rights of children in terms of treatment, education and other aspects.

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