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Morocco: Difficult living conditions push more minor children to illegal immigration

Minor children in Morocco are still risking their lives by trying to migrate illegally and unsafely to the Spanish coast due to the difficult living conditions and poverty in their country, in addition to the absence of prospects for their future.

Spanish media, quoting the rescue services in the enclave of Ceuta which under the Spanish administration, reported once again that they rescued 11 Moroccan minors aged between 6 and 11, when they tried to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and reach the Spanish coast.

The “El Faro de Ceuta” newspaper indicated that the rescue service company spotted a boat carrying 11 minor migrants as they tried to cross the border through the Strait of Gibraltar to reach the Andalusian coast, noting that “they were all inside an unstable boat without thinking about their lives which were put at risk.”

For its part, the Spanish organization “Save the Children”, revealed in a previous report published some time after the incident that 98.6 percent of Moroccan minors who arrived in the city of Ceuta, during the aforementioned mass migration crisis, refused to return to their country.

It also indicated that hundreds of these Moroccan children escaped from care centers, after the Ceuta authorities began to return Moroccan minors to their country, for fear of forcing them to return to Morocco.

According to Moroccan non-governmental associations, the number of Moroccan minors who illegally migrated to Europe has reached about 20 thousand, most of them in Spain and France.

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