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Morocco: Human Rights Association confirms the government’s inability to confront social crisis

Moroccan Association for Human Rights revealed that all indicators “confirm the government’s inability to stop the manifestations of the suffocating multi-dimensional crisis experienced by Moroccan citizens,” in light of the ongoing protests over fuel prices and inflamed foodstuffs that burden the simple citizen.

In a statement, the association stopped at the skyrocketing prices of all foodstuffs and others, “which affects the right to a standard of living that guarantees dignity, in addition to the exorbitant high price of fuel and other related services.”

The human rights association affirmed the responsibility of the Makhzen government “for what the situation has turned out to be”, calling for intervention to stop the wave of high prices, the ceiling of fuel prices, the suspension of the application of the value-added tax and the consumption tax, and the reduction of the profit margin of distributors.

It also called for intervention “to stop every monopoly on consumer goods and protect the purchasing power of citizens, and to raise the allocations for social support that must reach the disadvantaged groups, in addition to putting an end to the so-called freedom of prices and their control.”

The wave of demonstrations continues in the Moroccan street coinciding with the 41st anniversary of the popular uprising on June 20, 1981, over price increases, when the Moroccan army came out to suppress the protest movement, which resulted in many casualties.

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