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Morocco: Lawyers announce their participation in the popular march next Sunday to protest against “high prices and oppression”

The National Association of Lawyers in Morocco announced its participation in the popular march called for by the “Moroccan Social Front” next Sunday in the capital, Rabat, calling on all lawyers to participate massively in this march.

The Moroccan Association’s statement stated that participation in this popular march comes as a “protest against what the Moroccan people are experiencing in terms of high prices and all basic materials to an unprecedented degree in the country’s history, until the Moroccan people have become mired in poverty and need.”

It is worth noting that the popular march, which will be organized next Sunday, was called for by the “Moroccan Social Front”, which includes more than 30 trade union bodies and organizations, in protest against “poverty, oppression and social oppression that the Moroccan people suffer from, as a result of corrupt policies” of the Makhzen system.

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