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Morocco: protests on the occasion of Palestinian Land Day and a call for mass mobilization to make the date a success

Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalization called on all Moroccan forces to “confirm the Moroccan people’s support for the rights of the Palestinian people by commemorating Land Day” and for mass mobilization for the success of the fifth national day of protest against normalization scheduled for next Wednesday.

This came in a statement following the meeting of the National Secretariat of the Moroccan Front in its regular session, which coincided with the preparations to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day, on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the glorious uprising of the Palestinian people on March 30, 1976.

During the meeting, the Moroccan Front monitored, according to the statement, “the growing manifestations of shameful policies that go into normalization with the criminal racist Zionist entity (…)”, as it mentioned the various fields and sectors affected by normalization, from security and economy to agriculture, culture, medicine and others.

“In the face of this popularly rejected normalization race”, the secretariat of the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalization renewed its “strong condemnation and denunciation of this rush towards normalization with the Zionists.”

On this occasion, it called on all its branches and components for “mass mobilization for the success of the fifth national day of protest against normalization on March 30, 2022 under the slogan of Land Day: a continuous struggle to liberate the land and overthrow normalization.”

On the occasion, according to the statement, a protest will be organized in the capital, Rabat, starting at 18:00, as well as a press conference on Saturday, April 2 at 12:00, to present the outcome of the Fifth National Solidarity Day.

It is worth noting that the events of “Land Day” date back to March 30, 1976, when the Zionist occupation forces confiscated thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands in the Galilee region with the aim of Judaizing it, which led to a popular uprising for the “48 Palestinians” who went out in protests to express their rejection of the confiscation of their lands and their attachment to it.

The demonstrations turned into confrontations with the occupation forces, which included the villages of Sakhnin, Kafr Kanna, Al-Taybeh, Deir Hanna, Al-Tira, Arraba and other Palestinian villages and cities, where the occupation used force and violence against the demonstrators, which led to the death of six Palestinians and the injury of 11 others.

Since that day, the 30th of March has been considered an “important and prominent station” in the history of the Palestinian struggle, and it has become a memorial to commemorate the martyrs of Land Day and the realization of the Palestinian people’s adherence to their land and homeland.

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