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Morocco: several demonstrations scheduled for Wednesday against normalization with the Zionist entity

Coinciding with the first anniversary of normalization between Morocco and the Zionist entity, the Moroccan people is preparing to take to the streets on Wednesday in several cities of the Kingdom to reaffirm its rejection of the normalization agreement between the Moroccan regime and the Zionist entity, sealed a year ago.

Anti-normalization opponents will be marching out in response to the call of the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalization with the Zionist Entity, which called for a “national day against normalization” in several cities and regions of Morocco under the slogan “Our battle will continue until the cancellation of the agreements on normalization and military cooperation”.

The National Secretariat of the Moroccan Front has, on this occasion, called for a general mobilization and a strong participation on Wednesday during this important protest action.

“Our battle will continue until the cancellation of the normalization agreement and military and intelligence agreements,” said the coordinator of the secretariat of the Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine, Taieb Medmad, adding that the front intends through this fourth national day, to make December 22 a day against normalization, which the Moroccan state is working to impose by force, without taking into account the opinion of its people.

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