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Morocco: Solidarity body condemns “arbitrary” deportation of journalists Radi and Bouachrine to Tiflet and Salé prisons

The Solidarity Committee with Slimane Raissouni, Omar Radi, Moti Monjib and all victims of freedom of expression violationscondemned the “arbitrary” deportation of journalists Omar Radi and Toufik Bouachrine from Casablanca prison to Tiflet and Salé prisons, respectively.

The human rights body said, in a statement issued on Tuesday, that “the Moroccan prison administration, surprisingly, deported Toufik Bouachrine to Arjat prison in Salé, and also deported Omar Radi to Tiflet prison,” noting that “they were placed in collective cells and in inhumane conditions and a number of their belongings were also confiscated, especially the notebooks containing their writings.

Activists of the “Solidarity Authority with Slimane Raissouni, Omar Radi, Moti Monjib, and all victims of freedom of expression violations” in Morocco considered that the procedures for deporting Bouachrine and Radi were of a “revenge nature,” noting that they were carried out “without their will and in an arbitrary manner.”

Omar Radi is considered one of the victims of violations of freedom of expression in Morocco, along with Slimane Raissouni, Toufik Bouachrine and the detainees of the Rif movement.

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