M’sila: 2022, the year of gas and steam turbine component exports

The year 2022 was marked in the wilaya of M’sila by the concretization of several export operations of blades for gas and steam turbines to the Netherlands, manufactured by the Algerian Company of Electric and Gas Industries ( SAIEG), M’sila spare part maintenance and manufacturing unit.

These orders materialized in 2022, “three orders since 2021”, constitute an opportunity allowing the placement of the SAIEG product on the European market, especially since its production complies with the standards required by this market, assured the management of the Trade and Export Promotion, noting that a certificate of compliance with European market requirements has been awarded to SAIEG.

Other orders, which fall within the framework of the partnership agreement between the company SAIEG and General Electric in the Netherlands, integrate a multi-year delivery program which can reach an annual volume of 25 million dollars reported to the Trade and Export Promotion Department.

The M’sila unit is working, according to its managers, to expand its export scope to countries in Africa, Europe and America, given the experience acquired in the field of turbine manufacturing and their spare parts, since the 1990s.

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