M’sila: Identification of the body found in Oued Mitar in Boussaâda valley

Civil Protection services of the province of M’sila indicated on Friday that the body recovered in the morning by the mobilized crews searching for the flood victims that hit the province recently, has been identified.

The victime is T. Lakhdar, 49 years old, who was reported missing after the floods and who had been sought after since 7 May in Oued Boussaâda, after the finding of his vehicle in Oued Djnane Roumi in the same municipality.

The same source stressed that the dead body found is the sixth and last victim of the recent floods, noting that the search, which began more than a fortnight ago, including the two days of Aid el Fitr, has mobilized agents of the civil protection, specialized in research and divers from the provinces of Bordj Bou Arreridj, Batna and Bouira in particular.

The civil protection also deployed specialised dogs, in the context of the search operations, which were able to track down the victims swept away by the floods.

The same source recalled that the floods recorded in the province of M’sila, for the past two weeks, have caused a total of six (6) deaths and 60 people, trapped by the floods in their homes and on the roads that day, have been rescued.

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