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Mufti of terrorist groups announced his repentance and calls on remnants of terrorism to lay down arms

The mufti of terrorist groups, Leslous Madani, who was recently captured in Skikda, called on the remnants of terrorism to surrender and return to the right path, indicating that he repented and regretted having joined the terrorist groups that “have caused harm to the Algerian people”.

In confessions broadcast Wednesday on the public television, Leslous Madani, known as Cheikh Assem Abou Hayane, captured during a combing operation on March 16, 2022, in the forest of Oued Edouar (Skikda), called on the remnants of terrorism to ” definitely lay down arms and no longer follow the orders” of terrorist leader Youssef El-Annabi.

“I have repented of armed terrorism, I am totally convinced, and I call on the remnants of terrorism to return to the right path,” he said.

“I am now in the hands of the security forces. I have been treated properly and I am not speaking to you under pressure. On the contrary, I am speaking because that is my will,” he added.

Leslous Madani, who joined the terrorist groups in 1994, more precisely the Jbel Ellouh battalion, confessed having “caused harm to the Algerian people who suffered enormously from armed terrorism ” , asking “forgiveness from all, from the People’s National Army and all the security forces”.

Going back to his adherence to terrorist groups, he indicated that “Cheikh Abdelkader Saouane” had entrusted him with a jurisdictional task, which is to settle disputes between the elements of this battalion, while charging him “to incite “citizens to join terrorist groups and convince them of the “legitimacy” of “Jihad”, he said.

“At first, I realized that I didn’t know many details of armed terrorism, then I ended up adopting their approach and sharing their various actions until I became a member of the group, or even more, officer of justice, judge, imam and even Mufti”, specifies the terrorist.

Towards the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996, continues the terrorist, “I realized how dangerous the thing was, in the sense that armed terrorism will have disastrous consequences”.

He also said he had contact with the terrorist Djamel Zitouni, known as Abderrahmane Abou Amin, whom he knew personally at Bir Khadem in the capital.

He went on to say: “I ended up understanding that armed terrorism led to depravity, as violence and false accusations began to arise”.

“Today, and after 28 years in armed terrorism, I announce my repentance and my regret at having allowed myself to be drawn into this action which I solemnly reject”, he announced.

It’s worth recalling that on March 16, detachments of the People’s National Army ANP captured, in the forest of Oued Edouar near the town of Beni Zid, Daïra de Collo, province of Skikda in the 5th Military Region, seven (7) terrorists and discovered the corpse of one (1) other terrorist, injured during the last operation carried out on February 19.

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