Naâma: interventions to reopen roads and absorb water in neighborhoods

Civil protection services of the province of  Naâma carried out, Tuesday night, intervention operations to inspect and reopen roads that were flooded with rainwater and absorb infiltrations in neighborhoods due to heavy thunderstorms and the rise in the level of some rivers, according to the civil protection services.

The civil protection services, which did not record any human or material losses due to the climate disturbances in the province, intervened to rescue a person besieged by the torrents and extract his vehicle that was stuck in the Tirkount river (10 km north of Aïn Sefra) and whose water level rose, as mentioned by the same source.

The civil protection services also intervened with inspection and other operations to reopen and facilitate traffic movement through points flooded by rivers namely Wadi Al-Ramtha, Al-Rjimat and Al-Mchiraat Al-Qatti at the level of National Road No. 47 in the municipality of Asla, as well as at the level of Wadi Al Arid in the municipality of Ain Khalil, whose flooding caused the traffic between the village of Sidi Moussa and the area of ​​Thniyat al-Chiyakhah leading to the municipality of Sfisifa to be cut off, the source added.

In the municipality of Jenin Bourezk, the civil protection services recorded the difficulty of walking on the level of the municipal road leading to the Belguerad area of ​​the Sfisifa municipality, due to the high-water level of the Fonasa river, without recording significant losses.

Other interventions related to rainwater absorption were also recorded at the level of neighborhoods and streets in the municipality of Naâma, as indicated by the same source.

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