Naâma: more than 700 fines for infringement to preventive measures against coronavirus

Police services in Naâma recorded about 725 infringements to the lockdown and prevention measures against the spread of Coronavirus during the period from 1 to 25 August, according to what was learned today, Thursday, by the province’s security services.

These infringements, regarding which judicial fines were issued against violators and sent to the judicial authorities, relate to 642 violations of not respecting physical distancing, 28 for not wearing a protective mask, in addition to 16 violations related to non-compliance with health and preventive rules inside shops, as indicated by the same services.

Police put 121 vehicles and 26 motorcycles in the municipal pound for violating the partial lockdown and issued six fines for not respecting the health protocol in urban transport, and 26 fines against violators of the province’s decision to suspend the activity of public transport during weekends.

Six fines were also recorded for not respecting the measures prohibiting the holding of weddings, as was indicated.

Meanwhile, police teams continued intensive awareness-raising campaigns to urge citizens to adhere to the measures to prevent spread of Coronavirus.

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