Nasri: Algeria allocated 300 billion dinars for Trans-Saharan Highway project

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Kamel Nasri, highlighted today in the capital that Algeria has allocated a financial package of 300 billion Algerian dinars (equivalent to 2.6 billion US dollars) from the state budget for the Trans-Saharan Highway project, since the beginning of its implementation.

In a speech delivered during the meeting of the Liaison Committee of the Trans-Saharan Highway with the ministers of member countries and international financing institutions, held via videoconference, Mr. Nasri stressed that the outcome of the achievements was marked by the completion of the entire section of the main axis of the Trans-Saharan Highway, linking Algeria to Lagos and stretching over a distance of 2,400 km.

The minister stated, in this regard, that “the continental strategy of this axis gave it the characteristic of a north / south highway that goes up to the Algerian borders, as the work of a section of it was launched based on these specifications for a distance of 850 km, the works of 507 km have been completed and 71 km are being completed while a section over a distance of 260 km is being studied.

Moreover, the Minister explained that, in order to provide direct access to the main ports of Algeria in the Mediterranean and to promote trade between Africa and Europe, the Trans-Saharan Highway was directly linked to the highway linking the Djen Djen port (Jijel) to the east-west highway at a distance of 110 km which is currently under completion.

He also underlined the completion of the central port in Cherchel (Tipaza), which will also constitute a transit and shipping port between Africa and Europe.

Meanwhile, the minister stressed the importance of mobilizing the necessary financing and investments to complete the infrastructure, as well as to maintain what has been accomplished on this trans-Saharan Highway.

It is worth noting that the Liaison Committee for the Trans-Saharan Highway is made up of Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.

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