Nasri orders construction of a crossing for passers-by in Bou Saada Valley to avoid risks caused by weather fluctuations

Minister of Public Works and Transport Kamal Nasri confirmed today, Friday, from M’sila province, that a full assessment of the damages resulting from the weather fluctuations in the province will be delivered at the end of this day, giving instructions to build a special crossing for passers-by in Bou Saada Valley.

The Minister explained that “Traffic through Bou Saada valley road was normal, and it has been open to pedestrians for more than six years, but when heavy rain falls, such floods can occur and this type of corridor becomes a danger to every citizen.”

In this regard, Nasri “gave instructions to local authorities to conduct a technical study, starting from Friday, in order to begin building Bou Saada Valley crossing,” adding that “building this crossing will allow citizens to use it and avoid crossing the valley, especially when heavy rain falls.”

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