National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development supports the creation of micro-companies of influencers on social networks

National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development (NAESD) announced on Thursday in a statement that it will support and assist young people who want to create their own social media influencing businesses.

This action which aims at encouraging the creation of activities especially those related to new ideas of the current era, comes after the announcement by the Ministry of Commerce of the creation of a new commercial register activities nomenclature under the heading “influencer on social networks”, the statement adds.

According to the electronic portal of the National Trade Registry Centre (NTRC), this initiative is regarding “activity through which a person expresses his or her opinion or gives advice (in writing or audio-visually) in his own style in a given field”.

NAESD “welcomes young people wishing to invest in this field, through all its agencies in the provinces, to support them and carry out their projects”.

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