National Agency for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship (Anade) starts soon providing a grant of 10% of the cost of the project

A “technological bonus” that can reach 10% of the cost of the project will soon be granted by the National Agency for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship (Anade) to innovative projects or projects with high technological added value, an official of the agency said Tuesday in Algiers.

The granting of this bonus will be activated “as soon as the eligibility criteria are established by a committee composed of experts, academics and executives of Anade”, explained the person in charge of the management of Anade, Mohamed Chérif Bouziane.

Speaking at a workshop on the “Eco Smart Lab”, an infrastructure allowing the support of project leaders in the fields of technology and innovation in various sectors launched by Anade in partnership with ALRIM company, a subsidiary of the IMETAL group, Mr. Bouziane said that “all projects that have integrated this laboratory would benefit from this premium”.

One year after the launch of this laboratory, it has been possible to identify the constraints that project leaders may encounter, particularly with regard to the financing of the prototypes or access to equipment, with the aim of “capitalising on this experience and reproducing it”, he explains.

This infrastructure offers “specific and adapted support” to project holders with a space fully equipped with working tools and software that has been fitted out by ALRIM, which has also made available to them all of its teams and equipment, as well as its network of clients for the marketing of their products, said Mr Bouziane.

In order to allow “all” young Algerians from different regions of the country to benefit from this laboratory, “a reception structure is being set up”, he added.

Membership of this laboratory is “free”, said Bouziane, adding that registration is done through a platform accessible via the ALRIM website and open to “all projects offering import substitution products”, especially for project holders who have not benefited from the Anade measure.

For his part, the CEO of ALRIM, Mokhtar Tayane, considered that this laboratory is a “modest contribution of his company to encourage innovation and to create the added value necessary to fill the gaps from which public companies suffer”.

Other laboratories will be established with Sonatrach, Sonelgaz and ENIE

Mr. Bouziane announced, during this event, the establishment of new Eco Smart Labs, particularly in the field of hydrocarbons in partnership with Sonatrach “which has given its approval”, as well as the Algerian Telecom Group (GTA) which has given its agreement for the establishment of an Eco Smart Lab in the field of telecommunications.

Another such laboratory will be set up in partnership with Sonelgaz, in addition to the one in the field of electronics, which will have as a partner the National Company of Electronic Industries (Enie), added the head of Anade.

He stressed that the choice of location for these laboratories will be based on the potential of each region, particularly in terms of universities and public companies, in order to establish “the ecosystem that favours their success”.

This workshop was an opportunity for some project leaders to present their products. Ms. Nabila Abdelli presented a universal charger manufactured in her printed circuit assembly unit in Blida, while Mr. Farouk Ança, an inventor, developed an additive product allowing a reduction of up to 25% in fuel consumption while increasing the longevity of the engine and reducing pollution.

During a visit to ALRIM’s workshops, two projects were also presented, including a prototype of a refrigerated container, as well as a tire shredding line.


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