National Council for Human Rights prepares charter on women’s rights before July 5th

The chairman of the National Council for Human Rights, Abdelmadjid Zaalani, announced today, Tuesday in Algiers, that the council is preparing a charter on women’s rights to be ready on July 5th.

Zaalani indicated, during a symposium organized in commemoration of International Women’s Day under the title “Women’s Rights in Algeria, Reality and Prospects,” that “after the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights by the President of the Republic, the heads of 6 committees were elected, last February 20th including a committee on women’s rights, that will begin as of this week to prepare a charter on women’s rights and which will constitute a contribution from the council in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence.

Regarding the preparation of this charter – the same official adds – “executives and researchers from the council will be involved under the supervision of the competent committee for the charter to be ready before the 5th of next July.”

He added, in the same context, that the charter will include everything stated in international and regional conventions, including the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, as well as national texts. There will also be other additions represented in the summary of international conferences up to the 2015 Sustainable Development Conference and the role of women in it.

Zaalani also pointed out  “the possibility of including answers to questions about the most important basic issues of concern to women, in addition to some statistics related to the same aspect and the role of the Human Rights Council in protecting and promoting women’s rights within the limits of its competence.”

Speaking about women’s rights in Algeria, Zaalani affirmed, “Women have won many rights that should be praised, while others are still waiting to be promoted in order to achieve better results.”

As for human rights in general, the same speaker stressed that “Algeria is one of the leading countries in promoting some rights, such as housing and grey areas,” highlighting “the advisory and leading role of the National Council for Human Rights in this aspect.”

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