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National forum on translation and its role in popularizing Arabic language in Algeria

A national forum on translation and its role in the dissemination of the Arabic language in Algeria was inaugurated by the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language, today, Thursday, in Algiers.

This forum, organized on the occasion of the International Day of Translation, corresponding to September 30 of each year, aims to “give impetus to the translation process (..) for the prosperity of the Arabic language and its generalization in science, which is one of the main tasks of the Council,” according to its president, Salah Belaid.

The meeting was attended by about 30 participants between researchers, academics and translators from 11 Algerian universities, where the interventions touched on a number of topics such as “the contribution of translation to enriching the Arabic language”, “the role of translation into Arabic in the transfer of sciences”, as well as “Arabization in higher education”.

Belaid said that his body has a “strategy that extends for years” to advance Arabic and translate into it, which will include the transfer of knowledge from the major international languages ​​with openness to other science languages ​​such as German and Portuguese, as well as eastern languages ​​such as Turkish and Persian, in addition to working on the “globalization” of Arabic.

Regarding the situation of Arabic in Algeria, the speaker considered that the generalization of its use is related to three aspects: “the school, scientific production, and the media,” adding that “some viewed it as backward, a colonial idea and contrary to its reality, which confirms that it is “high-end and with history.”

When asked about the presence of French in Algeria, Belaid said that “its problem will be addressed in a phased manner,” adding that “complete identification in it is a mistake and a narrowing of linguistic pluralism” especially since “the precise scientific disciplines such as nanotechnology are in English.”

And about the “weakness” of the presence of Arabic in the scientific disciplines of the Algerian University, the speaker expressed “the will of his body for the basic subjects in universities to be in Arabic with openness to linguistic diversity in the pole of specialization, as is the case with English in the precise scientific disciplines, but without complete identification with them..”

He concluded by saying that his body “cooperates with various ministries and presents ideas in the field of popularizing Arabic”, pointing out that there are “good intentions from the political leadership in this field,” as he said.

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