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National Independent Authority for Elections confirms its fulfillment of its constitutional obligations

Independent National Electoral Authority confirmed on Sunday, regarding the conduct of the June 12 legislative elections, that it “has fulfilled its pledge and committed itself” in accordance with the constitution and the organic law for elections, by providing all conditions and guarantees that enabled the success of this electoral date, according to the authority’s communiqué.

Algerian people – added the press release – expressed their electoral opinion in a peaceful atmosphere characterized by democracy and respect for health procedures, in accordance with the dictates of the preventive health protocol prepared for this occasion.

The authority’s communiqué recalled the meeting that opened with the candidates for the legislative date and opened the field for dialogue with them, which led to the signing of the “Charter of Ethics for the Electoral Campaign”, and all of them – the candidates – trusted the authority and its path in establishing the rules of electoral democracy after the latter had proven its merit and credibility in the presidential elections of December 12, 2019 and the referendum on the constitution, and today also with the same confidence and determination in embodying the laws of the Republic stipulated in the Organic Law for Elections.

The same source clarified, “The statements and press releases issued by some parties that created such practices that have no basis in truth or credibility, undermine the commitment of the Independent National Authority for Elecyions and its integrity, which is attested at home and abroad by declaring that it is unable to preserve and protect the votes of the electorate, and calls on the President of the Republic to assume responsibility with threats.

The authority considered that these allegations “affect the morals of the state and the preservation of building of the republic, and a veiled invitation to sow chaos and skepticism.”

The authority reiterated that it “is trustworthy and that it is capable of it (trust) before Allah, the martyrs, the homeland and history, and with all transparency it presents its trust before people so that the truth can be distinguished from the slanderer.”

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