National memory: new generations called upon to draw inspiration from sacrifices of ancestors.

The Minister of Moudjahidine and Rights Holders, Laïd Rebiga, called on the new  generations to be inspired by the sacrifices made by the forefathers during the national movement and the Liberation War, “in order to complete the journey”, preserve the national memory and the glorious history of the nation.

Officially launching the new 2021-2022 scouting season of the former Algerian Muslim Scouts Association (SMA), the minister highlighted the pioneering role played by the scout school during the National Movement and the National Liberation War on inculcating nationalist spirit and preserving identity and sacrifice, with the aim of achieving independence.

Rebiga recalled on the occasion of this meeting, which coincides with the celebration of the Mawlid Ennabaoui Echarif as well as with the 60th anniversary of the National Immigration Day, that “the scout school, founded during the French colonial period, has inculcated in a whole generation the love of the motherland and the sacrifice to recover the stolen freedom”, emphasizing “the need to focus on loyalty, through the completion of the preparation and supervision of the Men of New Algeria, by teaching young people the culture of love for the Homeland, while imbuing them with the values of the artisans of the achievements of this Nation”.

Referring to “the sacrifices made by Algerian migrants for the recovery of national sovereignty”, the minister recalled “the painful events of the massacres of 17 October 1961, by which migrants reaffirmed their attachment to their identity and their homeland”.

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