National People’s Army Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Chanegriha inspects army industries in Khenchela and Batna

Lt. Gen. Chengriha, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, continued today, Thursday, his visit to the 5th Military region (Constantine), where he inspected a number of military industry units in Khenchela and Batna, according to a statement by Ministry of National Defense.

“The visit of Lieutenant General Chengriha, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, to the 5th military region, continued on its second day, by inspecting a number of military industry units in Khenchela province and Seriana region in Batna province” the statement said.

Today morning in Khenchela province “ Lt. Gen. Chengriha inspected a number of army industry units, such the company (Nimr-Algeria) specialized in vehicle (NIMR) industry and The Mechanical Construction Company producing light arms, where he listened to the director’s company briefing and inspected different production chains and manufacturing”.

Seriana, in the province of Batna, was the last stop in the visit, where “Lt. Gen Chengriha visited the Industrial Achievements Company specialized in ammunition manufacturing, as well as electrical transformers, where he examined various production chains.”

Seizing the occasion, Lt. Gen Chengriha was keen to emphasize that the main objective is “continued and sustained improvement of knowledge and skills of all managers and employees. Insisting on working relentlessly and with great dedication in order to preserve, develop and promote these significant gains”.

This objective aims also at “actively contributing to the continuous improvement of our military industry, especially mechanical industries in its various sectors” which “was able to create significant number of job positions and contribute significantly to meeting the needs of our armed forces and supporting the efforts of national economy,” says the Chief Staff of the People’s National Army.

Prior to that, Lieutenant General Chengriha, accompanied by Major General Noureddine Hambali, Commander of the 5th Military Region, and Major General Salim Gereid, Director of Military Industries at the Ministry of National Defense, visited the Mechanical Industry Development Complex in Ain Smara (RHEINMETAL Algeria).

Lieutenant General seized this opportunity to “encourage managers and personnel of this complex, considered as major promising industrial unit” assuring them “they can be really proud of the important achievements made so far” as they display “ the continuous long-standing progresses achieved by the National People’s Army with its various components in this strategic sector” noted the same source.

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