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National People’s Assembly: Opening of session to approve the list of Vice-Presidents

The public session dedicated to ratifying the list of deputies to the Speaker of Parliament, Ibrahim Boughali, elected the day before yesterday, Thursday, was inaugurated at the head of the lower house of Parliament, today, Saturday, at the headquarters of the People’s National Assembly.

Mr. Boughali, for the List of Independents “Unity and Deliberation” of the electoral district of Ghardaia, won the presidency of the ninth legislative period after he won 295 votes, compared to 87 votes for his rival Ahmed Sadok of the Movement for Peace Society, out of 382 votes expressed.

The election process was conducted by secret ballot, in accordance with Article 3 of the internal system of the National People’s Assembly, which indicates that the head of this legislative body is elected by secret ballot in the event of multiple candidates, and the candidate who obtains the absolute majority of deputies is declared the winner.

During Thursday’s session, before the election of the parliament speaker, the report of the committee to prove the membership of the deputies who won the June 12 legislative elections was approved.

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