National School of Military Health: Graduation of 35th promotion of officers and students of various medical specialties

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense, Major General Mohamed Saleh Benbicha, supervised today, Sunday, at the National Military Health School “Martyr Qadi Bakir” (Algiers), the graduation ceremony of the 35th promotion of officers and students of various medical specialties.

On the occasion, the head of the school, Brigadier General Abdelhamid Moussaoui, reviewed, in a speech, the major axes of training and scientific and military knowledge taught to the trainees and students by “qualified trainers and professors with the highest curricula and pedagogical means provided by the Supreme Command of the People’s National Army,” which will enable them – as he said. – to “perform their noble tasks with professionalism,” calling on them to “make utmost efforts and give an example in field work to defend national sovereignty, security and stability.”

The graduating promotions included the 35th promotion of medical practitioners who hold a certificate of specialized medical studies, the 35th promotion of working officer students holding a doctorate in medical sciences, and the seventh promotion of contractual non-commissioned officers who have a bachelor’s degree in paramedical sciences.

After taking the oath by the graduates, the ranks were granted and certificates were handed over to the outstanding graduates who bore the name of the hero martyr Boualem Maskari, one of the heroes of the liberation revolution.

The ceremony concluded with honoring the martyr’s family, as well as outstanding teachers and students.

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