Need to lift constraints on the granting of financial aid for construction

Efforts are being made to lift constraints on the granting of financial aid to beneficiaries of plots of land intended for individual construction, said Tuesday in Ouled Djellal the Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, visiting the province.

In a statement to the press, on the sidelines of his visit to the local plaster production plant in Ouled Djellal, the minister said that a roadmap will be drawn up with local authorities to enable the aid to reach its beneficiaries “as soon as possible”.

He added that “administrative procedures have not allowed more than 3,000 beneficiaries across the province to obtain these aids, out of more than 5,000 who benefited from them under quotas granted in previous programmes”.

In this context, Belaribi said that his department works according to a clear working mechanism, as part of efforts to rationalise expenditure, adding that “the fact of granting new housing programmes to provinces that have a stock of programmes already granted and not implemented on the ground makes no sense”.

The minister also mentioned ongoing efforts to promote the sector in the new provinces, specifying that after the installation of the directorates of equipment, housing and land use in these provinces, several housing projects will be programmed, including Ouled Djellal, which benefited from a quota of 200 rural housing units, 300 public rental housing units and subsidised promotional housing, in addition to a polyclinic, an urban security and two high schools.

Mohamed Tarek Belaribi proceeded during his visit to the laying of the first stone of a construction project of 200 housing units of the rent-sale type, before inspecting the works of the project of 170 public rental housing units in the new town and the inspection of a site intended for the construction of 2,073 social allotments.

On this occasion, the minister listened to explanations on the progress of the works of development and construction of infrastructures for the benefit of various local administrations at the level of the administrative complex of the chief town of the province, before heading towards the municipality of Sidi Khaled to inspect the works of development of a site for the construction of 146 housing units.

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