Network industries: A call to review pricing and involve private investors

Participants in the workshops organized within the framework of the symposium of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council on “The New Dynamics of Network Industries” recommended today, Wednesday, a review of the pricing system and the opening of some areas for private investors.

The activities of the five workshops on electricity, gas, water, transport and telecommunications networks were activated by experts and representatives of various ministries and public and private institutions active in these sectors.

Therefore, participants in this workshop devoted to the gas network prepared several recommendations, foremost among which is the inclusion of private investors, granting long-term concessions, and reviewing the 2002 law on the management of gas distribution networks.

In the transport sector, the recommendations focused on encouraging private investment, especially through public-private partnerships, in the areas of exploitation, implementation, maintenance, diversification of facilities financing operations, and integration of engineering in development programs.

Among the most important recommendations made by the activators of the telecommunication network institutions’ workshops, is the establishment of local start-ups in promising fields (online sales) and encouraging the transition to an alternative supplier of technological solutions.

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