Noureddine Chawali: There has been an economic dimension to the El Taref National Park in recent years

The Environment Director of El-Taref province, Noureddine Chawali, stated during his intervention on Algerian TV, on the occasion of the Day of Biological Diversity, that demographic growth, urbanization and irrational exploitation threaten biodiversity, thus, the pressure that negatively impacted biodiversity, for this, we chose the motto: “ we are part of the solution, because we are really part of the solution. ”

Chawali said that the El Kala national park experiences some pressures, including the irrational exploitation of biological resources, the lack of conservatism by the local population, as well as urban expansion, as he put it.

He added that there has been an economic dimension to the El Taref national park in recent years, “through the exploitation of biological resources and the participation of the local population in this effort to achieve sustainable development by raising the standard of living conditions and providing knowledge to protect biological wealth.”

Chawali mentioned, in this regard, that the Directorate in partnership with the Algerian-German Cooperation has trained three women’s cooperatives to exploit biological resources, whether medicinal plants or aromatic plants, and to introduce tools and approaches to environmental governance to ensure the protection of the environment and the preservation of biological diversity through the training of rural women and the sensitization processes towards the local population by Experts, as he put it.

As for real estate in the province of El Taref, Noureddine Chawali stressed the need to implement the laws through awareness-raising campaigns to protect biological diversity, by preventing any industrial units or residues by the force of law, he also recalled the role of scientific research and the university in raising awareness to protect the environment and preserve biological diversity.

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