November 27 local elections: State Council approved 75% of the decisions rejecting candidacy

The head of the Independent National Electoral Authority, Mohamed Charfi, announced today, Wednesday, in Bouira, that the State Council has approved three-quarters, which is equivalent to 75 percent of the decisions rejecting candidacies for the local elections scheduled for November 27.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of his inspection of two model halls prepared to host electoral rallies in Bouira, Charfi affirmed that “the State Council approved 75% of the decisions rejecting candidacy taken by the Independent National Election Authority, while the remaining 25% of the rejection decisions by the judicial bodies were cancelled.”.

After confirming that the authority “reconsiders the nullified rejection decisions based on copies of the rulings issued, with the aim of rehabilitating the concerned candidates,” Charfi renewed the Independent National Electoral Authority’s commitment to “fighting fraud during these elections as well as corrupt money,”.

He highlighted that the authority’s role “is not limited to organizing elections, but extends beyond it to deepening the concept of institutional democracy through transparent and fair practices,” noting that “the strength of nations lies in respecting the freedom of people’s choice” and that the goal of creating an Independent National Electoral Authority is “Working to develop the idea of ​​a institutional democracy through transparent elections which will enable Algeria to regain its position as a regional power,”.

The same official also considered that the establishment of this democracy requires ensuring that the freedom to choose during the polls is respected, in accordance with the pledges contained in the statement of the first of November 1954 related to building rule of law in honor of the sacrifices of the revolution’s martyrs in particular.

On the occasion, Mohamed Charfi paid tribute to the soul of the deceased Mujahid Ali Zaamoum, who passed away on August 24, 2004, at the age of 70, during his visit to the House of Culture in Bouira, which bears his name.

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