Official Gazette: An executive decree defines tasks of Financial Information Processing Cell in money laundering and terrorist financing

The latest issue of the Official Gazette included the executive decree specifying the tasks and organization of the Financial Information Processing Cell, charged with combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

This decree, issued in the third issue of the Official Gazette for the year 2022, defines the tasks, organization and functioning of the Financial Inquiry Cell, which is responsible for receiving suspicious statements related to all money laundering operations and treating them by all appropriate means and methods.

This cell is also responsible for receiving and processing confidential reports and media memoranda, while reporting financial information to the security and judicial authorities when there are reasons to suspect money laundering or terrorist financing.

The head of the Financial Inquiry Processing Cell is appointed by presidential decree based on a proposal from the Minister in charge of Finance for a term of five years.

It includes several bodies, headed by a council consisting of nine members who are chosen “by virtue of their proven competence in the judicial, financial and security fields” and are appointed by presidential decree for five renewable years.

The squad includes high-ranking officers from the National Gendarmerie, the General Directorate of Internal Security, the General Directorate of Documentation, External Security, National Security and Customs, as well as an executive from the Bank of Algeria.

They undertake a number of tasks, including preparing and approving procedures for the exploitation and processing of suspicious statements and confidential reports, as well as information received from similar foreign cells, where they work under the “protection of the state from threats, insults and attacks of any nature” with their commitment to professional secrecy “including towards their original administrations,” as stipulated by the decree.

The cell is also provided with four departments: the Investigations Department, Operational and Strategic Analysis, the Legal Department, the Documents and Information Systems Department, and the Cooperation, Public Relations and Communication Department.

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