Oil: OPEC + production quotas in March 2022

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, known as “Opec+”, decided on Wednesday during their 25th ministerial meeting to increase their total oil production by 400,000 barrels/day next March, according to the final communiqué of the meeting.

Here are the production quotas for each country participating in the Opec+ cooperation agreement, according to the final communiqué of the organisation’s 25th ministerial meeting. (Unit: thousand barrels/day):

-Algeria 992

-Angola 1435

-Congo 306

-Equatorial Guinea 120

-Gabon 175

-Iraq 4370

-Kuwait 2639

-Nigeria 1718

-Saudi Arabia 10331

-United Arab Emirates 2976

-Azerbaijan 675

-Bahrain 193

-Brunei 96

-Kazakhstan 1605

-Malaysia 559

-Mexico 1753

-Oman 829

-Russia 10331

-Sudan 71

-South Sudan 122

-Opec 25061

-Non-OPEC 16233

-Total Opec+ production 41294.

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