Omar Belhadj underlines the importance that his body attaches to the dissemination of constitutional culture

The President of the Constitutional Court, Omar Belhadj, affirmed, today, Wednesday in Algiers, that the award for the best pedagogical artistic work on “Constitution and Citizenship” reflects the “importance” that his body attaches to the dissemination of constitutional culture among pupils.

In his speech during a ceremony honoring the outstanding pupils in the national contest for the 2021best pedagogical artistic works on “Constitution and Citizenship”, organized by his body in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the United Nations Development Program in Algeria, the President of the Constitutional Court stressed that this award “reflects the importance granted by the Constitutional Court to the dissemination of constitutional culture among pupils.

He also highlighted, on the other hand, that the “deep” constitutional amendments require a “new” political and constitutional culture and the inculcation of various constitutional principles, including human rights, democracy, and the supremacy of the constitution among young people.

Belhadj stressed, on the occasion, the new era, which “we all want, and which stems from the spirit of November, and which is based on the principles of patriotism.”

For his part, the Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, affirmed that he hopes that this contest becomes a “tradition to be followed” with the participation of pupils of all phases which was not achieved this year due to the health situation, noting that only pupils from general and technology secondary education participated in this edition.”

He stressed that he would seek, in coordination with the Constitutional Court and the United Nations Development Program in Algeria, to consolidate such events to implement the goals of the Algerian school, which aims to inculcate to the student the Algerian values​, instill in them the spirit of citizenship and keeping pace with scientific and technological development.

Meanwhile, the resident representative of the United Nations Development Program in Algeria, Blerta Aliko, praised the initiative of the Constitutional Court and which aims to “sensitize the generations about the principles of the constitution and the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, as well as the duties associated with them.”

Eliko stressed, in this regard, the importance of going on with this initiative at all educational phases as well as in the higher education sector, noting that this contest would “strengthen the role of the Constitutional Court with the principles of citizen participation and access to constitutional justice.”

It’s worth noting that this contest was launched at the beginning of the current school year by inviting secondary school students to submit pedagogical artistic works on constitution and citizenship, under different forms using various media such as photography and drawing.

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