ONILEV embarks on a new process of unloading potatoes for the market

National Interprofessional Office of Vegetables and Meat (ONILEV), embarked today, Saturday, on a new process of unloading potatoes from warehouses and introducing them into various wholesale markets spread across the country to face high prices and curb the greed of speculators, according to a communiqué released by the office.

The operation was carried out in cooperation with 31 warehouse dealers covering 13 wilayas including Algiers, Boumerdes, Blida, Tipaza, Ain Defla, Medea, Bouira, Relizane, Chlef, Mascara, El-Tarif, M’sila and Skikda, the same source adds.

The aforementioned provinces will witness the injection of additional quantities of potato, in line with the market needs of this widely consumed material, according to the press release.

The operation initiated by the office aims to confront the high prices and curb the greed of speculators, through pre-emptive supply operations to wholesale markets before and after Eid al-Fitr, in anticipation of the relative increase in demand with the resumption of restaurant activity.

In this context, the Office called on all consumers not to be led by the greed of speculators through rational consumption of potatoes, especially during these days, which are known for modest harvesting operations in the fields of Mostaganem and Ain Defla, without neglecting the cessation of the activity of farmers and wholesale markets on this religious occasion.

On the other hand, OLINEV reassured that potato prices will know a stability in prices in the coming days, as soon as the products of the provinces of Medea, Bouira and Boumerdes enter the market after the start of the harvesting of this substance.

It is worth noting that OLINEV, during the vacancy period, has supplied the national market with more than 36 thousand tons of potatoes since the start of the operation last March.

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