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Oran: Algerian International Forum for Health and Medical Tourism from May 26 to 28

The Algerian International Forum for Health and Medical Tourism will be held from May 26-28 in Oran, with participants from 17 foreign countries, the organizers said.

A press release issued by PharmaX stated that the forum is a space for meeting, exchange and discussion on developing the health sector, on the one hand, and addressing the medical tourism activity and its developments, on the other hand.

The source added that the meeting will record the participation of exhibitors and experts from 17 countries, such as Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, the United States of America, Canada, India, Burkina Faso and Egypt.

It will also be the opportunity to hold an academic conference that will bring together all categories of researchers in the medical field, including professors, lecturers and doctors of all specialties, according to the statement, which indicated that it is an opportunity to meet local and foreign professionals to develop exchanges and partnerships in all branches of the health and tourism sectors.

Several topics will be addressed in this forum, such as “Algeria, a pole for investment in the field of health”, “developing health services in Africa”, “the economy of medical tourism in the world”, “hydrotherapy and medical tourism” and “Countries organizing therapeutic tourism trips.”

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