Oran: Distribution of more than 2,670 public rental housing units

2,673 public rental housing units were distributed today, Thursday, in Oran, across the various departments of the province, as part of the revival of the National Mujahid Day.

The Wali of Oran, Saïd Saayoud along with the Director of Real Estate Management at the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Tahar Djafar, representing the Minister and the local civil and military authorities, supervised the symbolic delivery of the housing keys to dozens of beneficiaries.

The real estate containers that will be recovered after the demolition of the chaotic housing will be allocated to other projects, according to the state’s governor.

The Wali of Oran revealed during a press interview that there are 5,000 ready housing units that will be distributed “soon.” He also mentioned that the province has known during this year many housing distribution operations, which in total included more than 12 thousand housing units in various formats.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the freeze on projects for the completion of 5,000 co-operative housing units has been lifted, in addition to the re-launch of housing projects in progress, including 10,000 units in total.

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