Oran: Fire devours 8 hectares of forest areas in Sidi Benbak

A fire that erupted during the last 48 hours in Kseiba, in the municipality of Sidi Benbaki (Oran), destroyed 8 hectares of this forested area, according to what was reported today by civil protection directorate of the province.

Immediately after receiving the call for help, civil protection units of Arzew district, supported by a mobile convoy to fight forest fires, intervened to extinguish the fire and prevent its spread through several sites in the forest, thanks to the professionalism of the agents, as well as rapid intervention, according to what the same source explained, adding that the losses were 8 hectares of bushes and weeds.

The same directorate indicated that an investigation has been opened the look into the circumstances of the accident, noting that civil protection services have harnessed all material and human capabilities to put out the fire, including 15 intervention machines of various types and 102 intervention agents of various ranks.

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