Oran: Opening of the International Real Estate and Housing and Decoration Expo

The eighth edition of the International Expo of Real Estate, Housing and Smart Homes and the ninth edition of the Decoration Expo, kicked off today, Wednesday, at the “Mohamed Ben Ahmed” Convention Center in Oran, with the participation of more than 100 exhibitors from inside and outside the country.

The two events, organized by the “Up Concept Design” communication agency, are marked by the participation of more than 100 exhibitors from Algeria, as well as foreign companies that have partnerships with Algerian companies representing different countries, such as Turkey, Spain, France and others.

This five-day organized economic event will be an opportunity to know what is new in the sector and promote partnership in the field of real estate and decoration, while providing the public with real estate solutions that respond to their needs according to their income by real estate developers, architecture offices and decoration professionals, while offering discounts in the price of completed housing in various formulas.

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