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Ould Salek affirms that the European Union is reaping fruits of its policy with Morocco

Sahrawi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Ould Salek, said that the European Union supports Morocco with huge funds to stop immigration, prevent the invasion of Europe and stop the production of cannabis, but Morocco is doing the opposite and still poses a threat to its neighbors, stressing that the European Union has reaped the fruits of its policy towards Rabat.

During an interview he gave yesterday, Saturday, to the Austrian newspaper “Express”, about the developments of the Saharawi issue, Ould Salek considered that Morocco is playing refugees card to blackmail Europe, underlining “the huge financial support that Rabat receives from the European Union to stop immigration and prevent the invasion of Europe,” but Morocco – he added – “still poses a threat to its neighbors and blackmails Spain and the European Union with its immigration policy.”

In his speech, carried by the Sahara News Agency (SAS), Sahrawi minister stressed that “politics must protect human rights and lead to stabilizing the situation, but this does not happen in Morocco.”

Moreover, Ould Salek says, “Since the 1980s, the European Union has been supporting Morocco to stop cannabis production, but 80 percent of it still ends up in Europe, and this is also reflected in the United Nations and European Union reports on drugs.”

He stressed that the European Union has reaped the fruits of its policy, as Morocco does not respect its borders and sends drugs and migrants to Europe, and that France and Spain have granted Morocco a special status without obtaining any tangible result.

Answering a question on Trump’s statement regarding Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara, the Sahrawi Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Trump “has made a grave mistake with his declaration, which violates international law and contradicts all resolutions of the United Nations and the international community, and it has no future.”

He explained that the international community will not accept Trump’s announcement, and the European Union rejects Morocco’s attempts to force it to follow Trump’s decision, the reason why Morocco sends refugees to Europe.

Ould Salek stated, according to (SAS), that Western Sahara was never part of Morocco before colonialism, as they are two different countries, and that the Sahrawi issue has been at the United Nations since the sixties, and that the European Court of Justice recognized the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination considering that Western Sahara was a former Spanish colony.

Sahrawi diplomacy chief added in his interview with the Austrian newspaper, that Western Sahara fought for its sovereignty, it is part of the African Union and more than 85 countries have recognized its independence.

After referring to the peace agreement signed between the two parties to the conflict (Morocco and the Polisario Front) in 1991 after 16 years of war and after negotiations that lasted from 1985 to 1991, Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said, “In the ensuing thirty years, Morocco exploited our natural resources and violated the ceased fire several times and committed many crimes against humanity.”

He concluded, by warning against Morocco’s attempts to “legitimize its presence in Western Sahara and change the game,” highlighting at the same time, the need for a final agreement, otherwise military actions will not stop until Morocco’s occupation ends.

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